Sunday, May 27, 2007

Final release is being uploaded!

Give it about two hours, and the final release of SuperTux Live! 1.0 will be available for download. I'm uploading it directly to the server right now.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Final release is current devel

Since any show-stopper bugs have failed to come up, the current development release of SuperTux Live! will be relabeled the final. You can download it now, or just wait for it to be marked stable.
UPDATE: False alarm! The release candidate hasn't been moved to the download mirror yet! Be patient.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


A day behind schedule, Beta 3 is out. (CAUTION: DIRECT LINK TO 370MB ISO) It was actually finished a few days ago, but the hoster had more important things that needed to be done (understandably), and so it didn't hit mirrors until today.
Another important update: SLAX 6 RC3 IS OUT, and it uses Glibc 2.5! If you recall, the only reason I didn't use SLAX in the first place is that it used Glibc 2.3, which SuperTux simply can not run on. Since SLAX can make a tiny CD image, it will most likely be the final base system.
Related note: So far, everything one needs to run SuperTux is integrated onto one .lzm (SLAX 6 or later) module. This means SuperTux Milestone 1.9, OpenAL, PhysFS (with soft links so that it'll work), and two bonus levels. I might put it up for separate download if you happen to have SLAX or Wolvix already, but just having a CD is still a good idea.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

First test!

The first test of SuperTux Live! v0.92.1, aka "AYBABTU Edition", was a minor disappointment. Since Myah's built-in xorg.conf didn't work, I cobbled together my own version and it still didn't work because I misnamed some of the input devices. (This is big- if xorg.conf doesn't work, X doesn't work, which means graphics don't work.) In addition, I forgot to link together some libraries. But those flaws are fixed, and I'm regenerating the image. It should work fine now.
On a related note, I'm looking into the possibility of having a Crux-based system... ;) Never mind.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Introduction to SuperTux Live! Development

You may know me as the DistRogue. You may know me as DJ Gentoo, or DJ Wings, depending on which screenname I used. But who cares? This blog isn't about me. This blog is about development on SuperTux Live!, a project to put the latest development preview of the SuperTux run-n'-jump arcade game on a Linux-based live CD. I've had several different base systems so far, and right now, the base system is Myah OS, an i686-optimized Linux system based on the XFCE desktop. So far, so good.
If you want to try it yourself, try the second beta release. SuperTux Live! is by no means complete, but the beta works fine, although it uses SAM Linux as its base, and therefore is much larger. Developers have expressed concerns about the image size, and the current image is considerably smaller.
As far as stability, don't worry. I personally test each pre-release to make sure that SuperTux will launch. And 3D acceleration? Myah comes with programs for installing ATI and NVidia drivers. Bonus content? SuperTux Live! comes with two bonus levels contributed by Anja.
Stay tuned for more news, including download links and screenshots.